[tp钱包是什么]LBank Weekly Listing Report, 11TH July 2022

摘要: 作为世界一流的数字资产交易所,LBank 继续专注于为用户提供优质项目参与。 以下是每周所做的报告

tokenpocket官网 : 技术LBank 每周上市报告,11 年 2022 月 XNUMX 日07/11/2022比特币以太币新闻

作为世界级的数字资产交易所, lbank 继续专注于为用户提供参与的优质项目。以下是 LBank 交易所每周发布的报告,展示了本周令人兴奋的新上市项目和上周上市项目的摘要,为用户提供更多信息,以帮助更好地了解这些独特的机会。

LBank 交易所新上市

计划于本周开始于 11 日th七月。



Carypto project is divided into two ways: D2E (Driver to Earn) App and Big data related to Drive.This chapter is about the content related to the Carypto App, which is the basis of D2E.MultiBUS application is for all drivers all around the world.Carypto aims to be a multiverse blockchain project that conects the metaverse and the real world.


DST token is a governance token of DoubleSwapDex.It is used as a key token for staking and pair pool formation.


BHCT is a coin project under BH Global that was developed to establish a payment system used by BH Global and its partners, including medical payment services, mining theme park payment services, and complex shopping mall payment.


WEI coin is the central asset of WEIcrypro ecosystem, buliton the basis of two-level blockchain technology. WEI transaction takes no more than a few seconds, while PoSe mining algorithm allows to reduce negative stress on the environment. To stimulate circulation of WEI as a means of payment, WEIcrypto has developed a WEIback mining algorithm that allows you to mine WEI by making purchases and sales.


FOF Coin by Ngel Partners Pte. Ltd., will be one of the most versatile cryptocurrency tokens. It will play a key role in multiple projects, including the financial business, DEFI, eCommerce, and metaverse projects. Backed by an experienced team with a finance, blockchain, and marketing background, FOF Coin will be one of the most ambitious projects in the cryptocurrency space.OVERVIEW: Major Uses for FOF Coin FOF Coin will be used in the four foundation projects. It will give the FOF coin immense value as it is involved in many fast-growing industries, including finance, eCommerce, and the Metaverse:TheNgel Foundation will create and operate various financial operations, including asset management,FX& CFD arbitrage, cryptocurrency trading, copy trading, futures trading, options trading, and derivatives education. The foundation received its license from the Malaysia Labuan Financial Agency for Cryptocurrency and Financial Businesses.


Monetha is a platform that lets users get rewards for their data. It enables users to earn rewards for sharing their profiles with merchants they shop at. The rewards can be used as discounts for future purchases across the Monetha marketplace or redeemed for other benefits (gift cards, vouchers, or crypto).

When a user chooses to apply their data, our platform will facilitate peer-to-peer data exchange with businesses, which will personalize the user experience and optimize the marketing efforts of the businesses.

Summary of Last Weeks Listings –July4th to July10th, 2022关于 LBank 交易所

LBank Exchange 成立于 2015 年,是一个创新的全球各种加密资产交易平台。 LBank Exchange 为用户提供安全的加密交易、专业的金融衍生品和专业的资产管理服务。 它已成为最受欢迎和最受信任的加密交易平台之一,拥有来自全球 7 多个地区的超过 210 万用户。



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